“Letting multiple monome apps play and share together, nicely”

Polynome is an interface toolkit for writing monome applications.

It is still in a very early phase of development. The following are the goals of the framework:

  • driver (via Ruby Monome Serial),
  • extended emulator,
  • switcher,
  • splitter.

The ultimate goal is to raise the level of abstraction required to create bi-directional monome interfaces to your applications.

Ruby Monome Serial

“Direct connectivity between your monome and Ruby processes”

Ruby Monome Serial is a Ruby library that provides direct serial connectivity with a monome. It provides a simple API for sending LED illuminating/extinguishing and receiving button press/release events.

The project is built upon the termios library and currently requires Ruby 1.9.


“A Ruby DSL for describing monome applications”

Monomer was a heroic effort to create a readable DSL for describing monome applications. It attempted to combine a highly threaded runtime, MIDI output with a precise clock and an event driven programming interface.

Unfortunately these goals were a little ambitious and now the project primarily serves as inspiration for Polynome.

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