Polynome is still in a very early phase of development. The following are the goals of the framework:

Polynome is a monome driver, extended emulator, switcher and splitter.

A Driver

Polynome drives your monome. It communicates directly with it via the USB serial port. Button presses are received from your monome and Polynome sends signals to light its LEDs correctly. This part of the project has been extracted out to Ruby Monome Serial.

An Extended Emulator

Polynome presents the standard monome OSC protocol. (http://opensoundcontrol.org/). This means that it’s able to listen and send all the standard monome OSC messages and react appropriately. Polynome can therefore be connected with any currently available monome application - just make sure the input/output ports of the application match those you register with Polynome.

Polynome also provides extensions to the standard OSC messages for more flexible control. This allows more powerful abstractions to be used to manipulate the monome’s LEDs.

A Switcher

Polynome allows connections from more than one application. Each connected application is assigned a virtual monome (called a surface). Polynome provides mechanisms to select which surface is currently displayed and therefore which application receives button press and release signals at a given moment. Whilst an application’s surface is not currently active (i.e. driving the monome) it can still receive signals from the connected application as if it were the real monome.

A Splitter

Polynome can split a monome to create multiple vitual monomes. For example, a 256 could become two 128s or four 64s each assigned to its own separate application.

What it is not

Polynome is not a typical monome application. The intention is that application logic be written in separate applications. Either using the standard monome OSC interface, or the extended emulator interface. Polynome doesn’t have an internal timer, midi interface, music generator, or anything really very fun. Polynome intends to make the fun stuff more fun to create and combine. It’s a nicely designed, yet empty, studio awaiting your applications and creativity.

Further Information

For further information explore the documents within the docs directory within the source.

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